Institution Industry Cell

Institution Industry Cell


The Industry Institute Cell was organized in the year 2019, as continuous interaction between academia and industry which is the need of the hour. It provides a platform for both the students as well as faculty members to be aware of industry expectations of skill sets required for students.

OASYS-IT has had close association with the industry, which plays a key role in its growth even as it draws on the institute for talent and joint research. IIC aims to bridge the gap between the institute and the industry and offer real time exposure on projects and other developments.


S.No Name of the Institution-Industry member Name of Institution/ Industry Designation
1 Dr.A.Anto Spiritus Kingsly OASYS Institute of Technology Principal
2 Mr.P.Arun Prabu OASYS Cybernetics Private Limited Senior Program Manager
3 Mr.V.Natarajan OASYS Institute of Technology HOD/CSE
4 MR.S.Vijayanatarajen OASYS Cybernetics Private Limited HR – Recruitment
5 MR.T.B. Kalyan OASYS Cybernetics Private Limited Skill Development Manager
6 Mr.K.Sabarinaths OASYS Cybernetics Private Limited Zonal Manager
6 Mr.K.Sabarinaths OASYS Cybernetics Private Limited Zonal Manager
7 Mr.Tony OASYS Cybernetics Private Limited Software Team
8 Mr. M.Karthikeyan OASYS Cybernetics Private Limited R & D
9 Mr.R.Jayakumaran OASYS Institute of Technology Training and Placement

Objectives of Industry-Institution Cell


Institute's sounding board on matters of offering professional education to industry

Identifies IT skills gaps in the industry

To provide support to all the Department for Industry initiatives

Forecasts IT skill requirements of the industry based on business & technology trend

Articulate key business hurdles that can be addressed by technology

Address the student community about industry trends & opportunities

To offer research, development, consultancy and testing services to solve industrial problems and socio economic problems prevailing in rural people.

To promote participation of industry personnel in the development of curricula and high quality student projects.

To provide technical training to lower and middle level industry personnel in the recent advances in design, manufacturing and management disciplines.

10.To assist the industry in the selection of suitable candidates to fill up jobs positions through campus interviews and other selection procedures.

Activities of IIC


Joint research & consultancy

The IIC plays a key role in bringing together government agencies, universities, industry faculty and students resulting in major contributions to design and development of the implementation of ICT in the country and across the world. The consultancy service facilitates, coordinates and administers sponsored and consultancy projects. It also identifies and protects IP rights and manages transfer of technology and commercialization.

Arrangements of Workshop / Internship / placement

Organize Lectures, Interactive Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Brain Storming Sessions, Technical Discussions, Consultancy Sessions, Training, Orientation Courses, Meetings, Visits etc, involving members of the Industry, outside experts, eminent personalities, faculty and students of OASYS IT, Arranging Industrial experts to participate all the Board of Studies (BoS) and Academic Council for designing curriculum

Advisory Board

Key industry members are part of the institute's advisory board. They help the institute understand the current trends and needs of the industry.

Alumni programme

Over 1500 of the institute's alumni are working in leading firms and many are successful entrepreneurs. We connect with them through research collaborations, lectures by distinguished achievers, mentorship activities, knowledge sharing sessions with current students, etc.

Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) Signed

The Institute has signed MoU with Industry from Public Sector, Government & Private organisations. It has also signed MoU with Industry Association also. MoU signed company details are as follows:-

S.No Name of the company Date of Signing MoU
1 Datacorp Traffic Private Limited 21-09-2021
2 OASYS One Stop Solution Private Limited 21-09-2021
3 TroonDx Technologies Private Limited 21-09-2021
4 OASYS Cybernetics Private Limited 21-09-2021

We conducted meeting on in our campus as different date photos are as follows:-