About Us

OASYS CYBERNETICS Group of companies


An Inspiring & Innovative Group of companies which began its business in the year 2000 building versatile energy management solutions that turned out to be a boom in the energy sector. In short span of time, OASYS then called Omne Agate Systems became the pioneer in setting up Advanced Metering Infrastructure.”

OASYS got recognized for bringing innovation in solutions that which greatly emphasize on saving energy and the environment.

Over the years, OASYS explored different business verticals such as Education, e-Governance, Information Technology, Smart Energy Metering Solutions, Digital Media, Hotels and in 2015, OASYS became the first in the country to digitize TamilNadu Government’s Public Distribution System from procurement to delivery of goods, an end-to-end computerization executed under a very short span of time that stand to prove the potential and opened up a huge world of opportunities for the group to expand.

Today, OASYS strives to be a 350 million worth organization and continues to expand beyond horizon.