In today's digital age, Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a rapidly growing industry that offers numerous opportunities for professional practice and specialization. Our graduates are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field.

At our institution, we are dedicated to preparing our students to become professional engineers by providing them with a solid foundation in fundamental principles and real-world applications. Our curriculum is designed to provide hands-on experience in designing and implementing electronic systems that meet the needs of modern society.

Our faculty members are experienced professionals who are passionate about their field and committed to providing high-quality education to our students. They use cutting-edge technology and teaching methods to make learning engaging, interactive, and relevant.

Through our rigorous curriculum and practical training, we aim to equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive field of ECE. By combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, we prepare our students to make significant contributions to their chosen careers and to stay ahead in this ever-growing industry. Hence we serve as one of the top colleges in Trichy, Tamilnadu.

In order to provide quality education our department has following objectives:

  • Graduates of our programme will adapt to the continuous changes in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering.
  • Will have a successful professional career.
  • Will be able to communicate and work as a part of a team in order to be an effective member of the work place and the society.



The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering envisions the upliftment of students especially living in rural areas, through an effective teaching learning process and quality research, to make them competent globally with sound technical, interpersonal, analytical, managerial skills and professional ethics.


  • Develop accomplished technical personnel with a strong background on fundamental and advanced concepts, have excellent professional conduct.
  • Enhance overall personality development which includes innovative and group work exercises
  • Ensuring effective teaching–learning process to provide in-depth knowledge of principles and its applications pertaining to Electronics & Communication Engineering and interdisciplinary areas.

ECE Labs at a Glance

  • Electronic Circuit Analysis Lab
  • EDC Lab
  • Digital Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • VLSI Lab
  • Embedded Systems Lab
  • Optical and Microwave Lab
  • Communications Lab
  • Microprocessor & Micro Controller Laboratory and many more labs
    • Laboratories


      OASYS IT-ECE has sophisticated labs for students to acquire knowledge through various domain specializations on Embedded Systems, VLSI design lab, DSP lab, Optical and Microwave engineering lab, Communication systems lab, MP&MC lab, linear & digital IC lab and other basic electronics labs. The labs at OASYSIT-ECE are well equipped with the latest equipment. A proper guidance for ECE students is provided by a team of experienced faculty members and lab technicians. The objective of our labs is to establish the department as a renowned academic centre to cater the needs of the student community for the development of the society. Towards fulfilling the objective, the department has created excellent infrastructure, laboratories and workshops, with a dedicated team of faculty members.